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Digital & offset printing

First, we will clear here what is the main difference between digital and offset printing. There are some differences that are important to know before selection. So that you can choose a better printing option for your next printing project for your business or organization. 

What Is Offset Printing

In offset printing technology uses plates (usually made from aluminum) that are used to transfer an image onto rubber and then transfers that image onto a paper sheet. The main reason why it is called offset is that the ink is not directly transferred onto the paper. Basically, offset printing is the best solution when large quantities are needed because it provides accurate colors, reproduction, sharpness, and clean production look to your printing projects. 

What Is Digital Printing

The way offset does, Digital printing does not use plates.  Instead of this, it uses several other options like Toner (laser printing) and larger printers that do use liquid ink. Digital printing is the best choice when you need a printing solution in lower quantities. The potential benefit of digital printing is its Variable Data capability. It means that for each piece that needs a unique code, name, or address, then digital printing is the best solution to select because offset printing cannot accommodate this need.

Digital & Offset Printing In Pakistan

Offset and digital printing, both are very valuable in Pakistan. But they have different benefits depending on your project requirements. In Pakistan, It is very important to have both types of printing for marketing because it directly impacts your businesses and brands. You can achieve your targeted audience. Vprints will help you to have a perfect printing solution for your projects accordingly. You might be confused between digital and offset but we will help you to have the best solution that can meet your needs. 

Digital & Offset Printing At Vprints

We have a cross-functional experienced team who has the quality to give your printing projects the best finish. We know the benefits and the impacts of digital and offset printing. Vprints will help you to make your customers happy with satisfying and creative packaging. You will have a variety of packaging boxes from our digital and printing services. It will help you to take your business to the highest degree of success. We maintain collaboration with clients to design the best project with perfection. We will Design your printing projects with the best material and standard quality to meet your desired requirements. 

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